In this place I am building a web-site for my own pleasure. Unfortunately it has been a long while since I last created such a thing so I am still getting used to XHTLM & CSS. I used good-old HTML in the past so forgive me for my poor lay-out.

Content to be expected

I am bothered by the fact that no integral model for an organisation exists: you can create a Process Model, Data Modeling or analys Business Rules, but it is all very disjuct. The relation between the three models is in no way guaranteed on a theoretical level. A process model is, theoretically, only loosly coupled with a datamodel; therefore they may not connect and even contradict eachother. The same goes for the relation between Process Model and Businss Rules. The exception is the relation between Data Model and Business Rules, where a theoretical link exists.
The relation between the models is also not implemented on a practical level. There are no tools I know of that do all three models equally well and, in an integrated fashion. Worse, some companies even employ different people for these three ways of looking at the same thing, disguishing the need for integration!
I do think such an integrated model can be made, but it would be very different from what we're used to. Currently most tools used by business analysts allow you to draw clever pictures and, if you're very lucky, even allows you to add some part of the story in unstructured text. The model I'm thinking of inverses that idea; it is based on human readable text and, if you're lucky, you can make a picture for it. It is never-the-less very rigid and very complete, perhaps even stronger than most current day modeling techniques. Obviously, this is not possible with standard English; we will have to make some reservations


Doing this in my spare time makes slow going: I expect this endevour to take me through 2007, if not also through 2008...